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Legend of the Holy House

Casa de Loreto
Santuário de Loreto

Nos séculos XVII e XVIII, poetas e pintores haviam representado aquele

transporte prodigioso com uma nota fantasiosa, imaginando o vôo da Casa de Nazaré 

como se fosse um moderno objecto voador.


“Translation of the Santa Casa”, by Francesco Foschi.

(By clicking on the image, you can access the History of the Legend of Loreto : Miracle and Mystery with Father Paulo Ricardo! )

The Lauretian tradition puts the transfer of the Holy House from Nazareth to Loreto in Italy in the centre of a marvellous legend rich in fantasy, by attributing its transport to the action of angels who, by air, would have taken it from Nazareth to Iliria (1291) and from there to the Recanati territory (1294), thus inspiring the nomination of the Lady of Loreto as Patroness of air travellers.

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